Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014

Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014 is a one of a kind weekend dance and music workshop event. This is the fourth year of Hot Rhythm Holiday and the second year that it has been organized by the Hot Rhythm Foundation. Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014 expands the scope of Hot Rhythm Holiday again by hosting four live bands, as opposed to last year’s two. We are bring in new acts that are nationally known, but have never seen the stage in Austin, TX, such as Gordon Webster. This works towards the eventual goal that we all would like for Hot Rhythm Holiday, which is to bring a national jazz festival to Austin, TX. We are also more internally known swing and jazz dancing instructors than ever at Hot Rhythm Holiday. For the first time ever we are also offering instruction in Lindy Hop.

Hot Rhythm Holiday is the one of only two jazz dance and music events in the U.S. that provides a specific focus on jazz musical instruction and the only major swing dance workshop weekend in Austin, TX. It is also one of the only national dance events to offer instruction of all levels in all of the major swing dances, Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa, and Collegiate Shag.

As in previous years, Hot Rhythm Holiday focuses on the instruction of the fast paced jazz dancing and music, which was popular in the the early 20th century. The primary purpose of Hot Rhythm Holiday is to: grow the skills and interest of existing dancers and musicians through instruction, expose new students to these art forms, provide a venue in which the skills learned can be practiced and grow, and to continue to preserve early 20th century jazz music and dancing as a living art form.

Dance lessons will offered in balboa, Charleston, and collegiate shag. Music lessons will be offered in piano, guitar, clarinet, cornet, drums, bass, and vocals. Students studied with world-class instructors, enjoyed evening social dancing to live jazz bands, participated in dance competitions, and collaborated with their fellow dancers and musicians.

Students experienced an aesthetic atmosphere in which early jazz music and dancing was born. Hot Rhythm Holiday continues to keep this atmosphere by providing an environment where this music can be played and appreciated with the same passion and fire as those who originally created it. The heart and dedication this close-knit community brings to the event brings together.

Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014 will feature music performed by Gordon Webster, Thrift Set Orchesta, Floyd Domino’s All-Stars, and an additional act to be announced. Dance instruction by Laura Keat, Jeremy Otth, Teni Lopez Cardenas, Bobby White, Shannon Butler, Bill Butler, Todd Yannacone, Kelly Arsenault, Ramona Staffield, and Matt Mitchell. Musical instruction by Hal Smith, David Jellema, Albanie Falletta, Ryan Gould, Morris Nelms, Westen Borghesi, and more to be announced. We expect attendance similar to previous years, which includes students who traveled from across Texas, the United States, and Canada.

Our entrance fees are some of the lowest in the nation for a national event of this quality and scope. Because of this we rely on donations from the community to help make this event happen. Without such donations Hot Rhythm Holiday could not continue to grow year after year. Fundraising is currently in progress for Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014. If you are interested in becoming a donor, please email us at

None of the organizational committee receives compensation for their work on Hot Rhythm Holiday, which requires over 12 months of planning and implementation. Hot Rhythm Holiday consumes the majority of the Hot Rhythm Foundation’s time and resources (~90% for 2013 and 2014).

Launch Project

Hot Rhythm Holiday 2014

January 26, 2014