Jazz Babies Island 2013

In order to raise funds for this year’s Hot Rhythm Holiday, we are hosting another “Jazz Babies Island Riverboat Cruise” fundraising event. This event provides a historical and cultural link to our musical past, educating the community while maintaining these art forms in a lively and fresh manner. Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies are one of Austin’s premier early jazz bands. They will be hosting an evening in which patrons will step into another era and enter the fantastical world of the Jazz Babies.

This event is organized in partnership with Lake Austin Riverboats and Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies. Both groups
are donating time to make this event possible. Lake Austin Riverboats provides the riverboat and the crew’s services for a discounted rate. This activity will be funded by entrance fees from the patrons attending. This activity will consume a minority of of the Hot Rhythm Foundation’s time (~%5 for 2012). The event website can be found at www.jazzbabiesisland.com.

Launch Project

Jazz Babies Island Riverboat Cruise

November 17, 2013