View and Brews — Dancing Between Two World Wars

Views and Brews is a lecture/concert series presented by Austin NPR affiliated radio station KUT 90.5, and is
described on their website as:
“…as a free space where we invite the community in to explore a wide range of subjects and ideas. Our
goal is to engage with the community to share thoughts, inspire new perspectives, and develop compelling
multimedia content all while involving Austin in the discussion.”
This presentation was organized by Ryan Martin (Hot Rhythm Foundation Director) and Hal Smith (Hot Rhythm
Holiday Committee Member). This served as an educational event where jazz music and dancing styles throughout
the early 20th century were presented and discussed. A jazz ensemble consisting of clarinet/saxophone (Jon Doyle),
trumpet (Oliver Steck), trombone (Freddie Mendoza), piano (Morris Nelms), guitar (Albanie Falletta), string bass
(Ryan Gould), and drums (Hal Smith) demonstrated the evolution of early jazz and swing through the 1920’s and
1930’s. Dancers Ryan Martin and Tracy Owen (Collegiate Shag), Matt and Jen Mitchell (Balboa), and Alex Cloutier
and Samantha Garfield (Lindy Hop and Charleston) demonstrated the evolution of jazz dances which similarly
evolved with the music being played throughout the jazz and swing eras.

This event was funded by KUT, and a small percentage of our our total time was devoted to this activity (<%5 for 2012).

Launch Project

View and Brews -- Dancing Between Two World Wars: Jazz and Dance with Ryan Martin and Hal Smith

August 27, 2012